General Warranty
TrendGate consumables are manufactured under strict ISO 9001 quality control systems to ensure work 
performance equal or superior to original equipment manufacturers. All products are 100% approved in production. 
All other products are also produced under strict random testing procedure.
We further warrants that under normal use and operation, our products will not cause any damage, abnormal 
wear, or deterioration to any computer for which the DVD WRITER,pc monitors etc was specifically designed.
Any claim that the use of this remanufactured DVD Burner has resulted in laptop damage must be verified with reliable
evidence that the ODD is the direct cause.
Our liability under this warranty shall be limited to the replacement or reimbursement as defined herein. 
No other expressed or implied warranty shall exist, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for 
a particular purpose.

What's the allowable defective rate of TrendGate product ?

Quality control in factory is within 0.6% defect rate for remanufactured products,

and within 0.3% defect rate for brand new products. It is subject to defective during transportation,
improper use and storage circumstance.

Defective product which is not caused by improper use and within warranty period is called as RMA product.

Principally, considering the spoilage during transportation, storage and sales, a defect rate of 1--3% is allowable,
reasonable and acceptable in each batch products. All the RMA products exceeding this rate will be
within our responsibility to replace according to RMA policy. 

We will be free of responsibility of defective rate below following rates. 

Details acceptable rate as following:

1.       PC MONITOR :                  TrendGate  <0.5 %            Non-TrendGate brand <3.0%

2.       GPS TRACKER :                 TrendGate   <0.3%             Non-TrendGate brand<2.5%

3.       AIR PURIFIER  :                  TrendGate  <0.3%             Non-TrendGate brand <2.5%

4.       DVD WRITER  :                 TrendGate  <0.4%                Remanufactured <2.5%

5.       Other products:                                                                                               <1%

What's the warranty period for different product ?

PC MONITORS: warranty period: 24 months after shipping date.
NO BRAND PC MONITOR: warranty period 18months after shipping date.

Remanufactured DVD-Writer (Desktop use) : warranty period: 12 months after shipping date.

Remanufactured DVD-Writer (Desktop use) : warranty period: 12 months after shipping date.

Multi-Function DVD Media Recorder: warranty period: 12months after shipping date.

ALL GPS Tracker/GPS Wtch/Pet Trackers: warranty period: 12months after shipping date.

ELectric Blankets / Pats : warranty period: 12months after shipping date.

We strongly recommend customer ship remanufactured DVD Writer or PC MONITORS by sea as they are
 liable to be defected by air shipment according to our test experience.
* Above period is based on indoor storage under normal temperature circumstance.

We guarantee that our PC Monitors and GPS tracker, DVD products, air purifiers, mobile phone accessories,

and other products will be free of obvious disconnection and obvious color distortion during the warranty period.
TrendGate will replace or return a TrendGate product if the customer discovers an apparent external defect,
such as breakage or discoloration, prior to using the TrendGate product. If any RMA occurs, please take a photo
or video to show the product with our label and serial number. Fill in the RMA report with the product model number,
Quantity and associated PI No.

 What's the regular RMA and big quantity RMA ?

1. For Regular RMA: 

Within the warranty period, the defect rate within 10% in one batch goods.
We will conduct RMA according to RMA policy.

2. For Big quantity RMA: 

During the period of trial selling of our product, over 10% defect rate is founded. 

To avoid worse results, we require buyer to stop selling the products and return all of the
goods back within 30days after receiving the products.
For claim over 30days after receiving the products,
as it is hard to define the defect rate due to the deferring storage,
we will only responsible RMA claim according to Regular RMA policy.

3. Normal quantity within allowable defective rate: 

Due to transportation and improper use by end user,
it is possible to have some percentage of defective. It is reasonable.
We have allowable defective rate (see policy B above) which we are sorry not for replacement.

How to claim RMA and what's the validity period   ?

1. Regular RMA:
Buyer should return RMA products according to our instruction. The freight for returning is covered by buyer.
We will replace the same product (item& quantity) or same value products (according to mutual agreement) to buyer.

Value of RMA is decided by the current selling price when we receive the RMA.

2. Big quantity RMA
Buyer should return RMA products according to our instruction as quickly as possible.
We will cover the freight of returning and replacing.
We will replace same product (item& quantity) to buyer and will be free of responsibility for further claim and loss.

RMA Validity period:
1. Regular RMA: Regular RMA should be claimed within the warranty period and should be returned within 30days.
We will feed back the RMA test results within 30days after receiving the RMA products.

2. Big quantity RMA: Big quantity RMA should be claimed within 30days after receiving the goods and should be returned within 30days.
We will feed back the RMA test results within 30days after receiving the RMA products.

If buyer defers to return, we will not be responsible to any further quality claim.
Meanwhile, the quality is hard to recognize and the products may be hard to be repaired.  

Special notice about RMA (Include Who will bear extra expense custom fee & transportation.)

1)       Make sure the goods containing our identification marks.
2)       Make sure the defective rate beyond our allowance rate.
3)       Buyer should pack the defective products properly so that to avoid any broke during the transportation.
4)       Buyer must return the goods according to our instruction and under our approval according to Chinese                   
          custom regulations, including shipping time, transportation method, packing and shipping mark, shipping               
          document required, delivery address and freight charge. Buyer should not return the goods without our                   
         confirmation, otherwise we will not bear any possible losses of return and will claim for extra expenses.
5)       Additional custom fee or other cost happens during RMA are free of our responsibility.
6)       We can only replace the new cartridge after receiving defected goods and tested
7)       We can replace other items after discussion with buyer. We can only replace by form of product,
           but cannot practice by return cash.
8)       The freight charge during RMA returns is calculated based on normal sea freight charge.
          We will not bear extra expense by other means of transportation.

We are free of responsibility for the problem caused by below situation:
1), Upgrade from the original manufacturer
2), Inappropriate preservation
3), Inappropriate transportation
4), Inappropriate using
5), Patent issues from original manufacturers
6), usage more than 60%
7), Lacking of our identified  serial number
8). Weather reasons for Force majeure
9). Expire our warranty period.

Risk Notification for Bulk Products:
In order to protect your interests and for our mutual benefit, we give notice of risks as 

follows for customers ordering bulk products.

All bulk packing products supplied by TrendGate have risks of failure due to simple packaging, 

which is prone to deformation in the course of shipment, resulting in damaged product appearance 

and even the malfunction of products. Therefore, we hereby disclaim, as of today, all liabilities 

with regard to product quality problem and any other relevant unpredictable risks arising 

during shipment and storage due to bulk packaging.

In case of return, please confirm with your relevant sales in advance about the return address, 

shipping method, invoice value and any other relevant details. The returned  products will NOT 

be accepted without prior written approval from TrendGate. Please provide accurate packing list 

in advance. Do not enclose any invoice inside the cartons or attach on the outside of cartons. 

Otherwise, customers shall bear all costs or losses arising therefrom.
NOTE:  If we confirm any RMA products are not necessory to be returend, TrendGate will require 

our clients to provide specific product pictures, serial numbers, sample printing pages and return 

the high-valued spare parts( such as chips etc) in time. If you can not provide the related info we 

request, the RMA solution time and compensation will be influenced.

We will have the right to claim for further loss of handling the RMA return (such as freight charge 

and custom clearance fee) if buyer does not follow this RMA policy. If you are unsatisfied with 

our RMA solution, please send your feedback to pr@pineeon.com for further negotiation.

If you are not satisfied with the RMA or other services of relevant TrendGate sales, 

please email to sales@pineeon.com directly. We will contact you ASAP.

What's the RMA Procedure ?

1) Make sure the PC Monitors/GPS Trackers/Air Purifier/DVD Recorders/Phone Accessories etc
you will return are all with our label and laser marks.
2) Fill RMA Report in details with product model, quantity and related P/I number
3) Take pictures of the RMA on spot and email back immediately to clarify the defective problem
4) We confirm the RMA with report and instruction back
5) Unpack the entire paper box
6) Pack the RMA products in good condition to avoid broken or leakage during transportation,
it is appreciated to pack DVD Writer with tissue or Poly Bags covering the GPS or internal DVD and  
roll every 5pcs DVD Writer in together, newspaper between each layer. Pack PC Monitors into
the individual carton box as what it was received.
7) We give you the delivery address for return
8) Return RMA cartridge by sea shipment. (Except under our approval to ship by air or by courier)
9) After receiving RMA goods, we will test it and give you test report, showing the RMA problem by engineer advice.

NOTE:  If we confirm any RMA products are not necessory to be returend, TrendGate will require our clients to provide specific product pictures, serial numbers, sample problem shots and return the high-valued spare parts( such as chips etc) in time. If you can not provide the related info we request, the RMA solution time and compensation will be influenced.

How to get the RMA Report form ?

Pineeon all products are manufactured under stringent ISO 9001 quality control systems to assure
working performance equal or exceed that of the original equipment manufacturers.
All the PC Monitors,GPS Tracker,DVD Writers,Phone Accessories are 100% tested in production.
All of the other products are also produced under strict random test procedure.


To get a RMA Report form, you may click HERE to download directly, or may ask
your Pineeon contact person to send you as well.


When submitting a RMA application (Return Merchandise Authorization), please fill the RMA Report form
carefully and describe the problem cause as detail as possible in RMA form. Please note that error
description such as "Does not work" "Failure or Dead" are not acceptable. We will confirm the RMA application
and give you a soonest reply upon the time we receive your report.

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