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 , As a leading 
Manufacturing Vendor/Supplier in the field of Electronics consumables, Pineeon focus on long-term cooperation with any worldwide distributors/agents all the time. With monthly capacity of 9 million Computer & Laptop Accessories and 1.3 million Mobile Phone Accessories & Parts , Pineeon becomes one of leading companies in the industry. Executed under the standard of ISO9001 quality control system, our QC people ensures each product of high quality. Moreover, we use ink materials directly imported from USA, ensuring the high performance of working.

So far Pineeon have successfully established sole distributors in many countries such as Singapore, Spain, UK etc, moreover TrendGate is doing OEM for many Computer & Laptop Accessories brands all over the world. We sincerely hope we can agree to find mutual benefits in our products. 

As long as your order is more than 1000pcs for each model, Pineeon can offer you OEM service,which includes:

1. Private color packaging

2. Private label

3. Private sticker

4. Free designing.

- Pineeon can offer both OEM brand name and netural pack products.
- Pineeon can offer premium quality,favourable price and satisfying service.
 - Pineeon fully guarantee the quality and the work performance of all our products.

Pineeon's professional staff will take care of every necessary step to ensure safe,fast and accurate delivery of your order.

For more detailed informaton on Pineeon OEM procedure,please kindly feel free to contact their sales staff.
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